Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Game or not to Game

How the heck should I know?

I am a grown women that worships the ground that Super Mario walks on.  Did you know that Super Mario was actually a spin off from Donkey Kong, originally called Jumpman?  Of course you didn't. You ... are normal. 

Big TVs, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS. We have it all.  6 a.m. Saturday morning my kids still want to get up and make cupcakes before I have even had a coffee. Really? Have you opened the cannon in World 7 yet? But, Safari had a dream - of making white cupcakes with 4 different colors of icing.

I had a dream too ..... but, then you woke me up. To make cupcakes. Draven wants one of the colors to be orange. Orange?!? why can't they make orange food coloring? you have to mix colors to make orange. It NEVER looks orange.  'Skin color' is the closest I've gotten and Safari said it looked "rash color".

I have parents tell me that they shut off the T.V. because their children are sitting there staring blankly at it.  My children will NOT do that! I know! I try to get them to do it ALL the time.  The won't sit still and stare.  I need a few minutes to make dinner - "watch a T.V. show" .... three minutes into the show - they are hitting each other with light sabers .... covering a window in stickers ...... carrying down margarine containers full of water from the bathroom ........ "can we have some flour?" .... WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

I need the video games .... idle hands .... and all that.

Draven and I do NOT. understand. why Nintendo has released Pikmin 2 in Japan but, not in North America. We are thinking of starting a petition. This is how serious we take video games at our house.

It should be obvious by now that my children are doomed.


  1. Sitting here at the quiet girl house laughing outloud.

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  3. If "normal" is not knowing the history of Mario, then I have no interest in it. HI-larious costumes.

  4. this is great! I did not know the history and have for the first time in my life been called normal. Thank you.

  5. Love the costumes. My kids do love the video games and the TV. Probably too much. Which I have to say does have its advantages, because at least they're not combining flour and water.

  6. Oooooh! Super Mario is the only video game I can play [besides kicking ass at Secret Agent Barbie] and I LOVE the costumes!

  7. We just introduced the world of DS to our 5 year old (oldest) I kind of want to get a the big system so I can play too though!

  8. So so funny. You made me laugh...a real feat at this stage in the game.