Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas - Don't be a Hater!!!


Okay. Not everyone loves Christmas but, I do!!! I know people have challenges at Christmas - I have them too - for example - my favorite pair of pink and silver sparkle Christmas socks with the picture of Rudolf on them have pom poms in the back.  They are impossible to get into my winter boots.  See?!? We all have problems to work through.

What is NOT. to love. about Christmas?!? okay okay - the mall Santa's ARE creepy. But wearing funny Christmas hats and adding booze to everything we consume? We can't get into that?!?

Now. Before everyone starts throwing rocks at this post and pointing out that there are families out there that can't afford to buy presents for their children and that Christmas is a true hardship for people out there - you. are. right. - and you need to get your ass out there and donate time or money to someone in need - and many of you do - and it is another reason I. love. Christmas!

My annoyance with the "Christmas Haters" ..... is more with the "First World" kind of Christmas issues ....... like: "I had to wait in a really long line up while listening to Christmas music."

Have you seen the crowds out there? um yeah. I actually picked up on that it happens yearly.

Cookies. Egg Nog. The Grinch. Twinkly lights. Santa. NONE of these things work for you?

When I hear someone start on a "I hate Christmas" rant ........ I do my best to walk away.  I am sorry but, your painfully predictable reasons for hating Christmas is cutting into my enjoying life to fullest time.  I would rather have someone kick me in the rum balls than listen to another lecture about consumerism. 

I KNOW. Christmas these days is all about greed and deceit.  Gotcha. Now get out of my way - I want to snag the last gingerbread man before the kids see it and work out some subtle hand signals with Grandma so we can win Pictionary this year.


  1. I just wanted to point out that you make my day regularly Leanne. I couldn't agree with you more! And no worries...your rum balls are safe with me ;)

  2. I love Christmas. Just wish it was two months away so I could actually be ready. waaah.