Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Back ..... with wings on ....

I have been on a blog hiatus. I have been bad. Really really bad.  I have been feeling weighed down by children coughing, and coughing and coughing some more.  Then I almost died from Strep throat. OK. that is a lie. I FELT like I was going to die from strep throat and THEN I got mono. OK that too is a lie. It took me FOREVER to get over my step throat and then I googled "sore throat" .... and self diagnosed my inability to motivate myself to clean the house and get the laundry done, as mono.  I prescribed myself 2 book trilogies in a row and early bedtimes and TA DA ..... good as newish.

I am up late tonight though because the tooth fairy has to hit our house tonight.  Draven has lost his front top tooth. He looks a little creepy and I haven't been able to figure out what he has been saying all day. Safari is expecting something as well for the picture of a tooth with a "bloody part" she put under her pillow.

Here we go people. To lie or not to lie?  I have been told that the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and Santa are not real. That they are a lie. I don't buy it. They still feel real to me. Of course - my Mom and Dad both still believe so how am I supposed to know the difference?  On his last visit my dad slipped his own dental plate under his pillow in an attempt to rake in a few bucks over night.

But, I am not a religious type girl. I fell off that wagon a number of years ago and bashed my head repeatedly on the way down. So please don't point out that I have lost sight on the "true meanings" ..... I will not go there.

These things have different meanings to different people. I believe in people. It's ridiculous .... I know ..... but, I believe in people having fun and experiencing joy ...... and I think it is okay to play pretend to get there sometimes. 

Let's be realistic here. There are PLENTY of things that suck about parenting: Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, lack of sleep, diapers, potty training, and being wrong all. the. time. But there are awesome things too: Lego. Crafts. Super Mario. Being the tooth fairy. And the occasional well deserved glass of Sangria after you get a child calmed down after his panic over the blood involved in losing a front tooth.  Hmm. I was sure there were more but it's getting late and I'm getting tired. (*tipsy)

I remember getting up on Easter morning - being well above the age that children "believe" anymore.  And there was a basket as always and it didn't feel less special to me.  I knew who was going through all the trouble of shopping, and hiding and putting baskets together and waiting for their children to fall asleep ..... it only became less about magic of the bunny ..... and more about the magic of family .......

Plus .... I slept a little better when I knew the truth ...... I always worried one of those busy buggers would miss my place with all those kids to take care of ..... once I knew who was REALLY in charge ..... I knew I they would never let me down ..... no matter how hungover they would be in the morning.


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  2. Well said! I agree completely!
    Btw, i think i had mono too. Thx for the diagnosis info.

  3. Marla (honeybadgermama)March 22, 2012 at 9:24 AM

    Hahahahaha! I diagnosed myself with mono a few weeks ago too! I've rediagnosed the whole family with the plague now!

  4. Does the Easter Bunny always leave mom and dad a little Corona for their Easter basket?

    A great post Leanne!

  5. I love this post! I am a late reader...our big boy just asked us if Santa was real the other day and then asked if I believed. I told him that I believed in the Spirit of Santa and all that he represents. Our boy loved this answer, said, "Me too", and gave me a hug. Then I needed a big drink too, too bad I believe in so many things and gave up booze for Lent:).