Monday, January 16, 2012

A Woman's Work .....

A woman's work ...... is never done ...... but, I am incredibly talented and finding ways to put it off.

It is no secret that I hate housework.  Every once in awhile I buy into the "If you keep on top of it - make a schedule - do a little bit each day so it doesn't pile up" theory. And it WORKS!  I get into to it - day 5 I am like YES - this AWESOME - my house looks NICE. The weekend hits - more awesome - my house stayed clean over a weekend!!  Put some time into it each day. So simple yet soooo effective. Then around day 9 I am looking at the winter gear that has hit the floor by the door - couple baskets of clean laundry that need to be put away - dishwasher needs emptying ... AGAIN ..... and my reaction becomes .... FRICKETTY FRACK  ..... seriously .... EVERY DAY?!?  Who can do this EVERY DAY?!?  Draven gets to play a video game and Safari gets to do a craft and I have to put clothes on hanger. What a rip off!

The vacuum cleaner hates me. 

For me the criteria of successful vacuuming session is as follows:
  1.  Nothing is destroyed with the vacuum cleaner. 
  2.  Nothing of value is sucked into the vacuum cleaner - this includes pets.
  3.  Nothing vacuumed up causes the vacuum cleaner  to start making a weird noise.
....... And I only have to get 2 out of 3. 

Am I the only one that needs to call their husband EVERY time the vacuum cleaner bag needs changing.  "You remembered to take the hose off first right?" ..... "pffft ... yeah ..... you've told me that 50 times .... OK I gotta go take the hose off".

It is pretty cool how fast the toilet paper unrolls when you catch the end of it in the end of the vacuum cleaner. It goes FAST. If you can catch a decent sized loose yarn - a rug can unravel pretty darn fast as well. 
As an  aside  - I heard that a budgie bird can survive the trip to the vacuum bag - if you rip open the bag quickly and get him out.  This is just what I have heard.  Please don't call Peta. 
I am great at dusting. So I am not hopeless. It may help that when shopping for new decorative items and pieces of furniture for our home - my husband has trained me to choose things that "Don't look too hard to dust."

My husband is at ease with my domestic failures - it is true! Go ahead and ask him - some of my friends have already asked how he feels about my superior housekeeping skills - and his reply is always the same:
"She is an awesome Mom."
What a brilliant man.


  1. He IS a brilliant man! We are two peas in a pod I'm afraid. "Every day...really? I'm impressed you only starting asking this on day nine. I'm asking it after day one.

  2. Funny Leanne. However, you and your husband have it right. On your death bed will you say "I wish I would have kept a cleaner house". Likely not! Lori J

  3. I think you have your mom to thank for your superior dusting skills....wasn't that one of your "jobs"? With Billy Idol or April Wine blasting in the living room....just a flash back.

    I think you're right though. The problem really isn't the actual jobs, it's the every day part that sucks. And maybe a bit of the "all I get to do" part.


  4. great post! you KNOW i can relate. i'm at the point now where i don't go crazy with the cleaning before playdates with good friends like you, but i still have to wake up early and do a bit of tidying. that's just to be able to have guests get inside the house and up the stairs safely :)