Sunday, November 13, 2011

Communication - the key to happiness!

It is Friday evening .... I am sitting at the computer, maneuvering through blogs via Twitter - my husband let's me know he is going out - and he leaves. 

Half hour later it is time to tub the kids. I'm getting them ready to dive in and my son says "where is Dad? - I want Dad to watch us in the tub."  me "Sorry buddy, Daddy went too ..........."

Hm. Where DID dad go?

I think back.  I am at the computer - I remember the blog I am reading clearly.  He is standing beside me .... he is so adorable .... and he says "I am heading to the blah blah blah to wah wah wah.".  Hmm Frickety frack, I have no idea. Draven "when will he be back?".  Good question, I have no idea how long it takes to wah wah wah at the blah blah blah.

Communication is key. It is key to a great marriage and a great family life. My house is FULL of communicators .... well .....talkers anyway.  Everyone has something to say, ALL the time.  The problem is:

No one is listening.

Me "What did I tell you about covering the bathroom in an inch of water?" Safari "um ...... put a towel down first?" Me "Um ....."

Me "Draven - did I tell you to keep playing Nintendo until we are late for school? - or did I tell you to get your coat on?"  Draven "I forget." Me "why don't you guess which one" Draven "put my coat on and THEN play Nintendo .... until ..... something ......... happens .........with school?"

Fricken kill me.

Me "Did you brush your teeth". Safari "No"........ Me "I told you - you could only play with the itouch for a bit before bed if you did what?" Safari "Turned the sound off on it?" Me "No needed to brush  your ....." Safari "Hair?" SERIOUSLY!?!

My husband works away for 15 days and is home for 6.  He works all over Alberta - BC - sometimes Saskatchewan and beyond. He ALWAYS tells me where he is but, who the heck can keep track of all that? My mother-in-law calls "Just heard from Rob - nice that he is working so close to home hey?" Me "Um .... yeah?...... how close?...... exactly?" ...... Could he drop by?  Did I brag about getting a bunch of crap done while he was gone this time?

......whatever .... he probably wasn't listening if I did.

Photograph by Suzanne Sagmeister Photography

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  1. So impressed you are even walking and talking during those 15 days. I would be in bed sucking my thumb.