Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love computers.

Last winter was a rough one for our family.  My son Draven developed some medical issues that concluded (somewhat) with a 12 day hospital stay for him.  A simple issue .... gone terribly wrong.

That was not the rough part. The rough part was that the medical system had been failing him. Over and over again. I spent months pushing for help for my son ..... and was continually turned away with a pat on the head and "crazy mom" being conveyed in looks between medical staff.  By the time help finally swooped in the form of a doctor whose name still brings tears to my eyes ...... I had lost it ....... a little ...... ON a few people ....... in a whole bunch of different medical establishments.

On our second night of our second stay in the hospital (I stayed with him the entire 12 days) ..... things had settled down.  Specialists had taken over ...... we weren't at risk of being flown to a larger center for Draven to have to undergo surgery any longer.  I had become a slightly calmer, moderately rational, slightly less twitchy, human being.

I was watching Draven drift off to sleep, when he suddenly opens his eyes and says to me "I know what BS stands for".

Oh Boy. I may have used that term a few (dozen) times in the past few weeks.
"What's that buddy?" I ask ..... assuming I would have some explaining to do ....

His reply?

"Back Space"

...... Have I mentioned how much I love computers?

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  1. So glad you had a doctor who finally took things seriously Leanne. Too cute... back space. Here's hoping for an uneventful winter!